Commercial Brick Staining

Rejuvenate your building's appearance. Our stains offer breathability, permanence, and lasting durability for brick, stone, concrete, and various masonry surfaces, ensuring your building looks stunning for decades to come.
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Commercial Brick Staining: Enhance and Protect Your Business's Curb Appeal

Maehunt Home Services is proud to offer a comprehensive range of commercial brick staining services, tailored to suit the unique needs of your business. As industry experts, we understand the importance of aesthetics, functionality, and durability in commercial spaces. Our commercial brick staining solutions are designed to not only elevate the visual appeal of your building but also provide long-lasting protection against the elements.

Commercial Brick Staining for a Variety of Building Types

Our extensive experience in commercial brick staining services encompasses a wide array of building types, including multi-family housing, retail plazas, warehouses, hospitals, military bases, water treatment plants, banks, schools, churches, and more. Our team of skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle projects of any size and complexity, ensuring impeccable results every time.

Natural-Looking, Durable, and Maintenance-Free Brick Staining

At Maehunt Home Services, we believe in providing our clients with a more natural-looking and longer-lasting alternative to painted masonry. Our commercial brick staining services employ high-quality, weather-tested, and maintenance-free brick stains that offer unparalleled durability and protection for your building's exterior.

Unlimited Stain Colors to Suit Your Business's Style

Our vast selection of stain colors ensures that we have the perfect shade to complement your business's unique style and branding. Choose from an unlimited range of stain colors to create the ideal look for your commercial space, reflecting your company's identity and enhancing your building's curb appeal.

Breathable, Permanent Stains for Long-Lasting Results

Our commercial brick staining services utilize stains that are not only breathable and permanent but also capable of lasting for decades on brick, stone, concrete, and other masonry surfaces. This ensures that your investment in commercial brick staining yields enduring, beautiful results that withstand the test of time.

Revitalize your commercial building with our exceptional brick staining services. Trust Maehunt Home Services to deliver unparalleled expertise, quality materials, and outstanding customer service to meet all your commercial brick staining needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can help you enhance and protect your business's curb appeal for years to come.

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15 Year Warranty

Our hassle-free 15-year warranty covers peeling protection for all non-wood surfaces, offering you peace of mind.

Who We Work With


Collaborating with architects, we offer exceptional expertise in architectural masonry staining. From custom requests for new masonry construction to overcoming challenges with matching discontinued or historic masonry and adaptive reuse or restoration of masonry buildings, we provide comprehensive support from design and planning stages through to the final walkthrough, ensuring the stunning end result you envisioned is achieved.

General Contractors

Working closely with general contractors, we deliver high-quality and timely brick staining services that align with project timelines and budgets. Our team understands the importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining open communication with contractors, ensuring seamless project execution and client satisfaction.

Property Management Companies

Partnering with property management companies, we help maintain and enhance the appearance and value of commercial properties. Our cost-effective and long-lasting brick staining solutions address various masonry needs, ensuring properties look attractive and well-maintained, boosting tenant satisfaction and retention.


We collaborate with schools to create safe and visually appealing learning environments. Our durable and low-maintenance brick staining services are perfect for educational institutions, providing an attractive and long-lasting solution for maintaining the exterior appearance of school buildings.


Assisting churches in preserving and revitalizing their sacred spaces, we offer tailored brick staining services that respect the historical and architectural integrity of religious buildings. Our team works diligently to enhance the beauty of churches while ensuring lasting protection for masonry surfaces.

Business Owners

Supporting business owners in maintaining their commercial spaces, we provide brick staining solutions that improve curb appeal and protect against the elements. Our services help businesses create a welcoming and professional exterior, reflecting the quality of the products and services they offer.

Insurance Companies

Working with insurance companies, we offer reliable and efficient brick staining services for commercial properties affected by disasters or accidents. Our team ensures a seamless restoration process, helping clients return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

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